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Staff-Related Issues Analyst


    When a member of staff hands in their notice, you think about how long it will take to find someone else to fill their place, only for yet another team member to leave a couple of weeks later. Fewer people answering your phones means customers have to wait longer to be spoken to, and you could lose business if they hang up.


    Also, you have to spend valuable time training new staff up to the same standard as previous members. It can be tough to find sales staff who are genuinely passionate about your business and have a thorough understanding of motorsport. Since you need to employ to meet customer demand, it is inevitable that there will be some who are not committed to staying there long term.


    Replacing senior business development staff


    It can take even more time to find, employ and train senior sales staff. You begin on a long search through CVs, hunting for someone with the right level of experience to manage your business development activities and increase your profits, and then when you’ve found a few prospective candidates, the rigorous and time-consuming interview processes begins.


    Furthermore, finding someone who has previously worked in your sector might seem impossible, especially if you are catering for a niche market such as motorsport. It will, therefore, take a lot of time for the new senior staff member to gain a thorough understanding of what your business does, and also means they will not have any motorsport industry contacts you could use.


    Outsourcing your sales team could provide a solution to these problems. You would no longer need to spend time and money hiring, training and replacing sales staff, leaving you to focus on generating profit instead.


    Have you experienced any of these issues with your in-house sales staff?

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