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10 Tips to Manage Performance & Maximize Results by Vivek Bindra

Looking for a Way to “Peak” Your Performance? Feeling clueless how to do that?

You must watch this Video now If you are looking for answer to any of following questions:


  1. Why Performance Management is important ?
  2. How is Strategic Performance Management implemented in a company ?
  3. What is Employee Performance Management
  4. How to increase Employee Engagement ?
  5. How to create a Performance Management System ?
  6. Introduction to developing and managing performance management system
  7. What are the components of performance management
  8. How & Why employee recognition is important in performance management
  9. How to manage performance and maximise results
  10. Basic introduction for managing and enhancing performance of your employees
  11. What is the role of coaching and counselling in performance management
  12. How to build sustainable high performance through your team
  13. What is the role of Leadership & Management in managing performance
  14. 14 How to gain commitment from employees
  15. Role of Scoreboard in Performance Management
  16. Performance Review Performance Appraisal
  17. Monitoring Performance, Rating Performance, Rewarding Performance
  18. Strategies to develop a focused and committed workforce


Get 10 most useful tips that would give you the SOLUTION!

Learn the simplest and most effective methods of performance management and maximize the results.

No matter whether you are an “Entrepreneur”, “Project Manager”, “Project Leader” Department Manager or at CEO CXO Level

September 18, 2016

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